Angel investor collective

We share knowledge, ideas and dealflow.


Our collective investments

Our investment profile

We invest in companies that have some initial traction.

Completed FFF and pre-seed rounds.

If you don't have revenue, you should know how to get it.

Our typical check size is 300 000 - 1 000 000 NOK.


Seedstage members and their core competencies
Johannes Berggren
Johannes Berggren
Software Engineering
Systems administration
Software architecture
Product development
Arthur Pogosov
Arthur Pogosov
Digital Marketing
Conversions and bidding
Reporting and analysis
Business development
Project management
Hans Webjørnsen
Hans Webjørnsen
Valuation and due dilligence
Budgets and forecasts
Financial reporting
Hans Webjørnsen
Christian Storm
Finance and Treasury
Financial reporting
Cash management
Asia connections
Hans Webjørnsen
Martin Jørgensen
Hospitality and travel
Digital transformation
Saas companies
Hans Webjørnsen
Håkon Kristiansen
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Optimization
Business Development
Business Strategy
Hans Webjørnsen
Ola Leithe Svalheim
Oslo, Norway